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Thank you Sir Walter Scott!


Jan 16, 2019 Maid of the Wave, Mermaids, Poet, Writer , , , , , Comments are off

Song of the Mermaids and Mermen

Fathoms deep beneath the wave,

Stringing beads of glistering pearl,

Singing the achievements brave

Of many an old Norwegian earl;

Dwelling where the tempest’s raving

Falls as light upon our ear,

As the sigh of lover, craving

Pity from his lady dear,

Children of wild Thule, we,

From the deep caves of the sea,

As the lark springs from the lea,

Hither come, to share your glee.


From reining of the water-horse,

That bounded till the waves were foaming,

Watching the infant tempest’s course,

Chasing the sea-snake in his roaming;

From winding charge-notes on the shell,

When the huge whale and sword-fish duel,

Or tolling shroudless seamen’s knell,

When the winds and waves are cruel;

Children of wild Thule, we

Have ploughed such furrows on the sea,

As the steer draws on the lea,

And hither we come to share your glee.


We heard you in our twilight caves,

A hundred fathom deep below,

For notes of joy can pierce the waves,

That drown each sound of war and woe.

Those who dwell beneath the sea

Love the sons of Thule well;

Thus, to aid your mirth, bring we

Dance and song and sounding shell.

Children of dark Thule, know,

Those who dwell by haaf and voe,

Where your daring shallops row,

Come to share the festal show.