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Project Mermaid

Bringing attention to our beaches and seas via the beauty of photography and designer mermaid tails!

Angelina Venturella and Chiara Salomoni, two photographers that met in Southern California, brought together by the same passion for the ocean, photography and a particular eye for beauty. Working with The Mertailor Eric from Florida, who is making and donating the tails for the models. Donations to

a scott robertson 

An artist with a particular passion for the coastline around North Northumberland and the Borders.

The Blue Marine Foundation

Their mission:

The active and effective protection of 10% of the world’s oceans by 2020, delivered through a network of marine reserves and private sector led solutions in the sea.

Dana Mermaid

A real mermaid! Dana Richardson is an expert ocean guide and mermaid dolphin whisperer whose vision is to share and protect the magic of the sea by awakening and reconnecting women & children to their heart’s calling, life purpose, and unlimited abundance! When women acknowledge & raise the value in their self and life, they will start to be of greater service to the world on land and sea. She has been living in Kona, Hawaii and free diving with her wild dolphin friends for the last 13 years. As a Mermaidpreneur, Dana designs and creates high-end mermaid tails, sharing her ocean knowledge and passion by carrying a powerful message of the sea. She donates yearly to ocean charities to protect the lives of dolphins and whales, while also contributing to non-profit foundations for women and children suffering from abuse, addiction and low self-esteem.

The Berwick Swan and Wildlife Trust

Since 1992 the Berwick Swan and Wildlife Trust has rescued, treated and released over 1000 swans, but countless other sick and injured animals have been brought to us from as far afield as Newcastle, Edinburgh, the Lothians, and the west of Scotland. All wild creatures deserve our help, and each one that is successfully treated and returned to the wild helps to maintain the rich variety of the natural world, and contributes to our enjoyment of it

Serafina Press

Jennifer T.Doherty’s publishing house.

Port & Lemon

 At Port and lemon we just love all things nautical, if it floats we love it, if it sinks we love it too, just as long as it has something to do with the sea.In another life Tracy was in the Navy and Kate, well she just likes messing about in boats. Anyway we live by the sea in Hampshire and we both had cabins in our back gardens where we created stuff (but now we have a studio in a really cool shop in Warsash near Southampton and spend all day being grown ups running a proper business), and dogs that like walks on the beach, and husbands who work around boats, and daughters who love sailors… no we don’t mean that…really. So about the stuff we design, well we like to raise a smile and obviously we have this thing about blue and white and we know that some of our pictures end up on loo walls and some of our cushions prop up old sailors, some of our key rings have dodgy old boat keys on them and some of our mugs don’t have just tea in them! What we like to create is a quirky mix of nostalgia and nautical wit that strikes a cord, whether you’re an old gaffer or a young racer chaser, a galley slave or a fair weather sailor or just someone who loves the sea, hopefully there is something for everyone in our range.
Josephine Wall
An amazing UK artist who has the most beautiful imagination, with the talent and vision to share via her artwork.