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About Maid of the Wave

maid-mediumYou might already know that “Maid of the Wave” is the Gaelic expression for Mermaid.

Maid of the Wave was born from a fascination and respect for the sea. Indeed, it comes from a fascination with water in general – whether just being near it, feeling its power even when apparently still and calm, or from seeing pictures, artworks and the imagination.

(For more on the Power of Water, check out the works of Masaru Emoto and Viktor Schauberger for new insights into something we take for granted. You won’t be disappointed!)

How many times have we been in an uncomfortable position – stuck in a packed tube train, sitting in the dentist’s chair, having some medical tests, or meeting pain head on. If we close our eyes, picture ourselves on a beach with the sea soothing us, and then notice our breathing… then our bodies can only react in a positive way. Try it now – it works! When we have trouble sleeping, what is great advice? – listen to music with the sound of the waves lapping the shore or the ocean roaring.

As children we often had our heads immersed in books.

The Famous Five series by Enid Blyton – the adventures were nearly always based around water and the coast.

As teenagers, drawn to Daphne Du Maurier amongst others, and her book Jamaica Inn.

So began the love of pirates – with Blackbeard and John Rackham’s tales, and smugglers of the past.

Not forgetting the most famous female, pirate, Mary Read.

The paintings of John Waterhouse and Arthur Rackham depicting the siren of the seas with such delicate beauty. Delicate yet powerful. Alluring yet scary.

Taking all this interest, all this background, our respect of things made back in time, the incredible imagination and skill of modern artists, we have put together a collection of fascinating objects for you…