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Spirit of the Ocean – Get Well Card


Jul 5, 2017 Comments are off



Spirit of the Ocean Greeting Card from Leanin’ Tree by Artist Josephine Wall

What you can’t appreciate from the image online is the delicate sparkle on the card. Really beautiful.

Comes with a illustrated envelope and each card also has a faint artwork inside.

Size of Card: 137 x 184mm (5.4″ x 7.2″) approx.

Cellophane Wrapped.

The Message Inside Reads:

Spirit of the Ocean,
Looking up from the peaceful depths of her watery domain while surrounded by schools of fish and other creatures of the sea, the Spirit of the Ocean observes that a fierce wind has whipped up crashing waves overhead. She also spots a galleon in distress, just as it is nearly enveloped by the foamy brine. Gently raising her hand to calm the stormy waters, the Spirit of the Ocean allows the ship and its grateful travelers to continue safely on their journey.

– Josephine

Holding you in my thoughts, sending you strength, and wishing you calmer waters and brighter days. Feel Better Soon.

About Leanin’ Tree’s (A USA Company) Environmental Policy:

Our products are made with Mother Earth in mind.

Leanin’ Tree has had a long-standing commitment to the environment. Each year we build on our efforts to bring you earth-friendly products and reduce our environmental “footprint”.

  • Recycled Paper: Cards and envelopes are printed on premium quality recycled paper (10%- 100% post-consumer waste). All cards are Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF).
  • Sustainable Forests: Card paper comes from audited mills that adhere to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.
  • Soy Inks: “Zero VOC” vegetable-based inks are formulated without petroleum solvent to eliminate VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions.
  • Certified Green Printer: Leanin’ Tree is a Certified Green Printer with the Printing & Imaging Association of Mountain States and a member of Boulder County’s PACE Program (Partners for a Clean Environment).
  • Colorado Leadership Award: We are proud to have received a Silver Award in the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program.
  • Corporate Recycling: A comprehensive recycling program includes printed paper scrap, office paper, ink cans, printing plates, phone books, low-mercury fluorescent light bulbs, metal banding, scrap steel and aluminum, skids and pallets, computer components, printer ribbons, batteries, aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles, used oil and corrugated paper.
  • Wind Energy: The electricity used in the Leanin’ Tree Museum and Sculpture Garden of Western Art is purchased from the local utility’s wind source program.
  • Resource Conservation: Facility investments to conserve resources include motion sensors, lighting upgrades, thermal equalizers, waterless urinals and underground irrigation systems.